The weekend began with a call for help from a sad Mission President as one of his dear little sister missionaries was electrocuted while Exercising on her rooftop.  The other Elders and sisters missionaries are of course shocked and grieving. With this great loss of one of their own in the trenches with them -the day before.   

I tend to believe she was called on a different mission as her heart stopped suddenly,  here-  she left to grace other lives with her love of Christ and selfless service – and though was placed in the bosom of warm Mother Earth-  at the same time- -lifted to smile angelically with joyful reunion of former family members who embrace her return. 


The following day, was spent helping calm down an exhausted earnest young 18 year old elder who had a psychotic break,  and had to be escorted home for his safety and psychiatric intervention.  

I know he is with his family now and can get the help he needs. He is a dear young man who needs love and great care. And to be proud of serving all he was able to do in the MTC. And look forward to a different experience–no less important..

Heavenly fathers blessings continue to pour out as the dews from heaven. Such amazing young missionaries with big hearts. I get to help buoy them up with encouragement and my own testimony of their purpose in being here and loving/serving each, in their own individual way.   Here in this mysterious land,  in ancient America where many of the Bk of Mormon stories took place. !!

My companion and I are each studying side by side in English and Spanish Bk of Mormons nightly. It has special blessings for us. 

Like I tell many of the elders and sisters who waste time comparing themselves to others and feeling inadequate–anxious and hold back sharing their promptings

like Elder Bednar told us in the MTC. “Get over yourself! It’s not about you! 

 It’s about sharing the greatest gift you can carry to lift your fellow man. As they are prompted to listen! And come unto Christ and find out about the Restored Gospel .. then watch the joy unfold in their families.  Loving Christ and being obedient to Heavenly Fathers requests-. Brings blessings unmeasured!  

Ether 12:27 is my favorite scripture and I advise these missionaries to test it for themselves.  Our loving Father in Heaven knows us each personally and fulfills his promises to us.   I testify of this to each of you, in love.   Hermana George 


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