Zoo and Artesian market with missionaries.   Such color and patterns.  Amazing handwork in purses bags and clothing. Lovely people in Guatemala. Of course there are those that require guards etc.   so amazed at the conversion stories told.by our missionaries.  Fills my heart with pride how these 18 and 19 yr olds share their love and testimonies.    Learned to sing s song in K’ichi. For Sacrament meeting with a small group of elders. And the MTC presidents wife.  An ancient Guatemalan language spoken by few now.   A mysterious land of divergent values and principles.  Next month planning excursion out of the city.  Loving my missionary work. Of counseling and advising in various cases. Very humbling , wish I had had the testimonies these young folks have at 18 and 19.  

One thought on “A glimpse of Guatemalan Culture

  1. Thanks so much for posting the photos. It’s wonderful to see some of the places you are going and those with whom you go. So cute to see Diane and Diana with a bus-full of young missionaries. As I view all the images you posted, I find myself drawn especially to the natural splendor of the trees and shrubs. What fun to see los hermanas in their colorful clothing. The textiles truly are art! A veritable feast for your eyes. Blessings to you as you continue to fulfill your calling as a missionary. You are in my prayers. Con mucho carino, Lura


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