As usual I got roped into singing.  But this time learning “I am a child of God in K’iche or Quiche as some spell it.  There are several dialects remaining .  Here are a couple lines beginning the song. Laa’ in jun Ray Lal li Dios . Ut xin ix taq la a rin.  Kix k’e Lin na’ ut …. it involves some clicking sounds difficult to maneuver but is muy Bonita!! 

I consider it special to sing with this missionary group. Once in a while. 

Sad week this last week as a couple elders and ins hermana needed to return home for.counseling and medications.  Missions can. be more stressful than one realizes.  I recommend having a semester at college or some time away from home doing your own laundry. Cooking a little for yourself. No cold cereal does not count.  Dehydration  and constipation make many missionaries miserable and slow progress so increase your vegetable and fruits!   

Take care of homesickness prior to leaving by crying together, saying your goodbyes and settings long term goals. That goes for mom and dad and that little brother or sis as well.  

Many fruits and vegetables are sold locally pineapple, papyaya sooo sweet.  Avocados. Limes. Mangos &. sweet juice drinks are very popular here. . 

People ride buses for job in the. It’s sometimes 2 hours each way.  The bustle of the city is palpable.  I would want to drive here. Very Few traffic laws are enforced . 

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