Are we our brother´s keeper?  Do we know that many of our dear ancestors are waiting to have their temple work done?  They have been taught and are asking us from beyond the veil to please have their families sealed together forever.. We may take this for granted if we have been ¨born under the covenant.¨ but we are admonished to do the temple work for our loved ones, and any others that may not have family to do so.

My ancestors crossed the plains, coming from Ireland, England, France, and seeking religious freedoms that we enjoy, often without a thought..and often requests from beyond fall on our deaf ears.. We don´t have to sacrifice cold, starvation, death.. only….   We are asked to listen to the Holy Spirit,  to seek guidance, and to seek diligently to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers.. ..D & C 98:16 .       OUR CHILDREN…

Recently in a devotional by Elder Russel M Nelson and his wife, here in Guatemala at the CCM,  they spoke of missionaries praying to find those who are seeking the gospel,  and also to be mindful that these investigators often have forefathers from beyond the veil, praying earnestly that we will share the gospel with their children and grandchildren, so that they may obtain their ordinances in the restored gospel and be sealed as families.   so, yes, listening to the promptings of the holy spirit are important. Temples are important, and we now have over 150 temples around the world, with many sacrificing their all, to just get to the temple even one time.. I see young Latino missionaries, sometimes the ONLY member in their family, come by themselves, without purse or script, without family support.. and many of our North American elders and sisters come from strong LDS families.. They learn to share with each other, in the love of our Savior, in brotherhood, and serving in the trenches, side by side.  They are valiant warriors saved for these latter days when Satan would have us give in to worldly pleasures, and not believe the teachings of our Fathers.

Please, let´s not waste our gifts, or treat them lightly, we are so fortunate to have the comforts of life, and the abilities we have to serve our Father in Heaven, as well as our families who have gone before us, and there are many ways to do that.   I testify we will be blessed greatly for doing this work, and find such great joy, that earthly or temporal gifts can never compare!  And we CAN have a good influence on our children, by serving where we can, when we can, as often as we can.. love, Hermana George in Guatemalaquezaltenango and Ret 288quezaltenango and Ret 334.JPG

2 thoughts on “Are we our brother´s Keeper?

  1. 12/30/17 Dear Diane, I am so grateful that you have me on your mail list so I can read your blog. What a great blessing this will be to you once you have returned from your mission. The pictures are wonderful and you are creating such fantastic memories. Thank you for the encouragement and wisdom you share in each of your blogs too. and thanks for the beautiful scarf (Christmas gift–just in case you did not get my text thank you.) I love you my friend and pray for you nightly. be well and Happy New Year! Lura


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