Members of the Church raise their hands to sustain the new First Presidency of the Church, President Russell M. Nelson and his counselors, President Dallin H. Oaks and President Henry B. Eyring during a solemn assembly during the Saturday morning session of general conference on March 31, 2018.

I like to picture us in the pre-existance, before the world was, raising our hands (like the picture above), and promising to come down and do our part, with the blessings and talents we have been given, to share with our brothers and sisters here on the earth.–.then the veil was placed over our eyes so we could be tested..and we know none of us are perfect here on earth;  its a school and we are still learning and growing and learning to love each other and forgive our petty differences..

I am proud to be a full-time missionary, doing mental health counseling, for ¨La Iglesias De JESUCRISTO De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias¨.  We are so blessed to have a modern day prophet who guides us in changing times. Just like the prophets of old, in the bible, our prophet still talks with, and receives revelation from God the Father, through El Espirtu Santos.. and yes, we do hold Jesus Christ at the head of the Restored gospel, with all restored ordinances of the holy Priesthood.  Christ, our elder brother, helped create this world and all that is within it, under the direction of God the Father, and He was chosen, before the world was, to be the Redeemer and our Savior, in the war in heaven, that is now raging on our very earth.

I was watching a movie of a priest of another church struggle whether or not to believe that every one is resurrected, through Christ, versus the black and white (heaven or hell, if they had not been ¨saved¨). but, we believe it is not just a one-time incident of being saved or resurrected, .. ultimately it is up to each of us to listen to His voice and choose, to learn, and continue to live His commandments, and become like Him, and be able to return to live with Him, and be together as families ..

Because of this knowledge, I do not fear death, and had literal peace when my father told the nurses, ¨I am ready to meet my Maker¨, you can disconnect all these tubes, and his face shone with pure faith and love for His Savior, and he knew that was just a temporary body that had cancer, and that he would be made whole in body, mind and spirit, through the resurrection of our Savior. He was at peace, what a great example!

Do we NEED a prophet today?  Yes, just like some of the populations that had become wicked and pulled away from God anciently, in the scriptures, we can look at the news and realize, much of our government is corrupt, as well as other areas in the media, and Satan is truly fighting to tempt our youth,  as he knows he is against powerful forces with strong men and women who honor God, who choose to be different, who choose to keep commandments and try to live pure lives, and be worthy of the blessings that await the faithful to the end.

As I get older, and realize, that someday i will temporarily say goodbye for a time to my children and grandchildren, I truly hope and pray that they knew what their mother, and grandmother stood for.. That they know I testify of Christ, and of the Restored Gospel, that I cannot deny the spirit that burns within me, and that I will be always praying for them to stay true to who they are, and what they have been taught, as the world continues to get darker..  But, in some ways lighter as well, my friends.  There are also many wonderful amazing things happening in our world, more knowledge and discovery, more technology, speed of travel, and the ability of our young people to do amazing things with their lives, and the gospel rolls forth across the earth..

What matters most becomes more vivid as we age, and realize we cannot take material things with us.. money,looks, prestige, power, praise of men, –it becomes unimportant compared to our relationship with our Father in Heaven and our Savior.. and being able to look them in the face and feel their love and know our lives are acceptable, that we served where we could. and put God first, and did not heed the mocking or shaming of many.  That we stood against the addictions that plague many of our friends and loved ones.

It is no accident that many temples are being built across the world, in which to fulfill God´s sacred ordinances..I am literally overwhelmed to tears at times when I stand in this holy temple in Guatemala and serve one day a week as an Ordinance worker, and continue to learn..  I am also impressed with these young missionaries who leave everything to serve their fellowman, and give 18 months to 2 years unselfishly and share the love of Christ across this land.. I am so proud of my grandson Ethan who is now serving in Thailand.. The scriptures predict that the God´s word will be spread across the land in many tongues, preparing for the second coming of the Savior of the world.  (He loves all of us) a childhood song came into my mind today.. from years ago.. ¨yes, Jesus loves me, Yes, Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so¨..  If we can have the faith of a mustard seed,  of a little child..We can start there, and ask God´s forgiveness, because we all have something we can repent of to be more Christlike..(in thoughts and actions).

I love you, and testify of our Savior Jesus Christ, and the importance of listening to a prophets voice, for our direction, then using our own prayers for personal guidance as well, and being true to the faith, as there are many individual ways to serve Him..

Hermana George in Guatemala

2 thoughts on “Raising Our Hands to Sustain Is Also a Promise to “Do Our Part”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts and feelings, Diane. I love reading them. My thoughts are with you often. I pray for you and I know you are doing a great work. Love, Connie


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