Guatemala City is so diverse. 

From fancy malls to rough neighborhoods with little more than shabby shacks barely held together.  From basking in the spiritual MTC To barbs wire topped fences and dangerous streets, guards to walk us places. Cars with black tinted Mafia looking vehicles that pull up slowly beside you to the fresh pearly whites and sparkling chandeliers of the Guatemala temple one block from my apartment.   Such diversity ! 

A glimpse of Guatemalan Culture

Zoo and Artesian market with missionaries.   Such color and patterns.  Amazing handwork in purses bags and clothing. Lovely people in Guatemala. Of course there are those that require guards etc.   so amazed at the conversion stories our missionaries.  Fills my heart with pride how these 18 and 19 yr olds share their love and testimonies.    Learned to sing s song in K’ichi. For Sacrament meeting with a small group of elders. And the MTC presidents wife.  An ancient Guatemalan language spoken by few now.   A mysterious land of divergent values and principles.  Next month planning excursion out of the city.  Loving my missionary work. Of counseling and advising in various cases. Very humbling , wish I had had the testimonies these young folks have at 18 and 19.  

Tears, Faith and Challenges!  

The weekend began with a call for help from a sad Mission President as one of his dear little sister missionaries was electrocuted while Exercising on her rooftop.  The other Elders and sisters missionaries are of course shocked and grieving. With this great loss of one of their own in the trenches with them -the day before.   

I tend to believe she was called on a different mission as her heart stopped suddenly,  here-  she left to grace other lives with her love of Christ and selfless service – and though was placed in the bosom of warm Mother Earth-  at the same time- -lifted to smile angelically with joyful reunion of former family members who embrace her return. 


The following day, was spent helping calm down an exhausted earnest young 18 year old elder who had a psychotic break,  and had to be escorted home for his safety and psychiatric intervention.  

I know he is with his family now and can get the help he needs. He is a dear young man who needs love and great care. And to be proud of serving all he was able to do in the MTC. And look forward to a different experience–no less important..

Heavenly fathers blessings continue to pour out as the dews from heaven. Such amazing young missionaries with big hearts. I get to help buoy them up with encouragement and my own testimony of their purpose in being here and loving/serving each, in their own individual way.   Here in this mysterious land,  in ancient America where many of the Bk of Mormon stories took place. !!

My companion and I are each studying side by side in English and Spanish Bk of Mormons nightly. It has special blessings for us. 

Like I tell many of the elders and sisters who waste time comparing themselves to others and feeling inadequate–anxious and hold back sharing their promptings

like Elder Bednar told us in the MTC. “Get over yourself! It’s not about you! 

 It’s about sharing the greatest gift you can carry to lift your fellow man. As they are prompted to listen! And come unto Christ and find out about the Restored Gospel .. then watch the joy unfold in their families.  Loving Christ and being obedient to Heavenly Fathers requests-. Brings blessings unmeasured!  

Ether 12:27 is my favorite scripture and I advise these missionaries to test it for themselves.  Our loving Father in Heaven knows us each personally and fulfills his promises to us.   I testify of this to each of you, in love.   Hermana George 


The Guatemala temple. 

Such a humbling experience to share the temple with missionaries and Latinos.  Small rooms but exquisitely decorated. It is very close and intimate as you go through and end in the Celestial room with a giant sparkling breathtaking overhead chandelier and rich cream and gold draperies . I insisted on not wearing earphones and was amazed how much Spanish I did understand. 

Sunday as we met at the MTC for church and the elders and sisters are so humbled and prepared at the drop of a hat to give a small talk in Spanish. Most if them have written it down. I was tearful when a sea of fresh hopeful faces white shirts and ties plus sisters, Sang  together “I am a child of God”. Many come from poor circumstances to serve and have so much faith!  Many have never been away from home and we Americans seem pretty strange to than at times.  

  Sister Diana Dennis And I are great roommates and don’t have a tv and it’s dark at 6:30 pm , so each evening we study the Book of Mormon and then Spanish at the dining room table and end with prayer for our families and that we will. be inspired in our mission. She is the mission MTC nurse, gives vacciaciones, medicina, and whatever the young missionaries need.  Amazing variety of Spanish and American food. Followed by “Helado “ice. Cream bars etc. I am amazed how. Cosmopolitan –Guato city is.  Then contrasting crappy sidewalks and streets.  And poorer sections of the city which I have not seen yet.   

Barbed wire at top of fence.
Out dining room window.
My computer and office

I work out of my home office but eat lunch or dinner at the MTC. Daily.  I make calls as I am referred a sister or elders name and follow up (redirect to a Latino counselor if needed) And schedule the others for myself.  

MTC presidente and sis Morris
Our security guard walking us home gas station across street from temple
Guatemala temple

One week in Guatemala ciudad! 

 ,Well, I survived the first week!  Lovely apt one block from the temple and MTC though I sometimes call an MTC guard to walk me over and unlock the large gate. Or if I am with my companion sister Dennis,  we can walk together. Thru a small strip mall and around the guard to the MTC guarded entrada. 

It’s ok. Not so unnerving now I am making friends with the guards. 

Survived the first week. Head cold and sweating from the humidity , swollen ankles. now more acclimated and love the wether. Use fans for cooling. Me compañero es fantastic. 

Thanks again for the great sendoff ! Dinner with my kids and Utah grandkids!  Then Tricia took me to the airport. David is selling my car for me!  Wendy and Kent met me at my 5 hour layover in LAX and took me to dinner.  I paced all night in the plane could not sleep!  Exhausted upon arrival. Elder and sister Craig Hill met me at the airport with roses. And took me to my apt. Sister Diana Dennis , me compañero is very gracious and had a gift basket prepared!  My room with new furniture and bedding is beautiful.  Large apartment. 3 BR. 4 BA. Large living room and adjoining areas. I’m guessing 1200 Sq ft. On main floor of guarded apt. Security entrance. 

 ! I can see why Dick loved the MTC so much! These missionaries are amazing and have great stories to tell about their mission call’s and sacrifices to be here.  

we get over a hundred new missionaries every 3 weeks. About 1/5 sisters.  

I have contacted the 18 MP’s. & am getting calls personally or by Internet. from mission presidents asking me to work with their elders or sisters. And so far I have counseled missionaries in Honduras Belize, San Salvador. And Nicaragua. Por telephono.   They seem to love having a person to vent with. Ok Mom— (With whom to vent) ! 😅 the MTC presidente called me in to ask for council on a young elder who wanted to go home the first day! Talked for 90 “. He and his wive took us shopping on Saturday. Learning more Spanish as Sunday meetings are in Spanish. I can understand the new elders/sisters better as they go slower with limited vocabularies.  

The area mission is 15” away or 2 1/2 hours in traffic as it took the other night .  Children selling dried fruit, water, flowers, etc on the median in traffic.  Even a crippled man on crutches!  Tons of buses decked out with fancy paintings!  Chrome and jacked up front tires!  

A few pics on Facebook ! Love you all! 
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Into to my Missionary Blog

For those of you who wish to be included in my blog,  it will posted on Facebook, then you can go to the link which will be:   Sister B. Diane George in Guatemala….I closed down my other face-book accounts so hopefully you can still find me or ask me to re-friend you.

Ah ! all this technology!

So, I go to the MTC in the morning, and begin the journey.  I have mixed feelings of course about leaving the kids and grand-kids, and friends for 18 months.  But, I will take pictures and am very excited about helping the young missionaries in the field with their mental health issues and feel pumped up myself over the experience of the area of the Mayan ruins, and the beautiful people of the Central Americas..  (This first blog is a TEST to see if it works!)  Love you,  Hermana George