Listening to a sweet sister missionary and helping her sort out feelings and find compassion and forgiveness for self.

Speaking with a discouraged elder who is homesick, and has trouble with depression.  Attending the temple and experiencing how sacred and special it is to those missionaries who come from such a distance.

Conferencing call’s with mission presidents who are heartsick because they have done “all they can possibly do – to keep a missionary in the field, who has given up and yet doesn’t want to disappoint his family.  Or who needs escorted home for safety sake.

Helping a nurse missionary sort out if an illness is real or feigned, and keep integrity and trust intact.

Offering advice to a missionary who feels suicidal and not thinking clearly, needs counseling and medication– determining at what point he is to stay or return home for the help he needs.

Teaching breathing exercises and muscle relaxation, warning missionaries not to be self crucial or compare themselves to others but to share their talents & love.

Studying Spanish daily and trying to communicate with new elders and sister missionaries who just arrived awestruck,  from small Latino  towns throughout Central America and sing sis by side with tall blond gringos from the states!

Listening to the talks and prayers each Sunday as North American missionaries struggle to speak in Spanish – and, realizing “I can finally understand much of what they are saying”. Reading the English and Spanish Book of Mormon side by side and putting together sentences that almost make sense!

Reading and getting closer to my Savior daily and realizing my many blessings, and how spoiled I am.  And how insignificant “things” are when dealing with people lives and teachings of God’s eternal plan of the Restored gospel.

Teaching mental health and dealing with stress so hopefully when the going gets tough, they will have some skills to use in the field.

Hearing myself Bear my testimony to a downtrodden missionary who walks miles daily and is asking how to sleep at night, or some tips on gaining the self confidence he needs to tract, and to teach by the spirit, allowing el Espiritu Santos. To put words in his mouth and touch his investigators heart with his love and charity.

Listening to and watching  over 143 new missionaries in the MTC sing together & study for hours, teach each other and share their individual stories of non-member parents, or struggling families and how much they love the Lord to sacrifice and spend these 2 years for their Savior Jesus Christ.  Knowing home will never be the same—

Learning to love my Savior even more daily and watching small miracles work in the lives of these young bright eyed, yet humble young 18-19 year old men and women in the trenches, and imagining the strength they will be in a few years – as a new young father or mother!

Yes, I know why I am here ! There is no place I would rather be.   it’s about sharing my strength,  and helping missionaries  serve  the wonderful Latino  peoples of Central America. &   Helping build the kingdom of God in this dispensation.

Read. D & C 84:88

I have no doubt–angels and our ancestors buoy us up and protect us.  Loving families back home supply prayers and encouragement.   Heavenly Father is always there. We just have to remember to ask and believe His promises, then take Him at His word.  He loves us and wants us back home someday.

One thought on ““I know why I am here. “

  1. 9/11/17 Buenos diaz Hemana George. What a wonderful testimony you have born in this “article”. Thank you for sharing it. It is encouraging to me to see the ways you interact with and influence the lives of those in your charge and with whom you work.

    With news of the earthquake in Mexico, you have been much on my mind. I wondered if it impacted your area of endeavor. If there might be some in need of your steady belief in the Savior to help get them through the frailties of the earth and mortality.

    You are much in my prayers and thoughts. I know you will be blessed with exactly what you need as you lean on the arm of The Lord. Hugs and much love to you. Con mucho carino, Lura


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