,Well, I survived the first week!  Lovely apt one block from the temple and MTC though I sometimes call an MTC guard to walk me over and unlock the large gate. Or if I am with my companion sister Dennis,  we can walk together. Thru a small strip mall and around the guard to the MTC guarded entrada. 

It’s ok. Not so unnerving now I am making friends with the guards. 

Survived the first week. Head cold and sweating from the humidity , swollen ankles. now more acclimated and love the wether. Use fans for cooling. Me compañero es fantastic. 

Thanks again for the great sendoff ! Dinner with my kids and Utah grandkids!  Then Tricia took me to the airport. David is selling my car for me!  Wendy and Kent met me at my 5 hour layover in LAX and took me to dinner.  I paced all night in the plane could not sleep!  Exhausted upon arrival. Elder and sister Craig Hill met me at the airport with roses. And took me to my apt. Sister Diana Dennis , me compañero is very gracious and had a gift basket prepared!  My room with new furniture and bedding is beautiful.  Large apartment. 3 BR. 4 BA. Large living room and adjoining areas. I’m guessing 1200 Sq ft. On main floor of guarded apt. Security entrance. 

 ! I can see why Dick loved the MTC so much! These missionaries are amazing and have great stories to tell about their mission call’s and sacrifices to be here.  

we get over a hundred new missionaries every 3 weeks. About 1/5 sisters.  

I have contacted the 18 MP’s. & am getting calls personally or by Internet. from mission presidents asking me to work with their elders or sisters. And so far I have counseled missionaries in Honduras Belize, San Salvador. And Nicaragua. Por telephono.   They seem to love having a person to vent with. Ok Mom— (With whom to vent) ! 😅 the MTC presidente called me in to ask for council on a young elder who wanted to go home the first day! Talked for 90 “. He and his wive took us shopping on Saturday. Learning more Spanish as Sunday meetings are in Spanish. I can understand the new elders/sisters better as they go slower with limited vocabularies.  

The area mission is 15” away or 2 1/2 hours in traffic as it took the other night .  Children selling dried fruit, water, flowers, etc on the median in traffic.  Even a crippled man on crutches!  Tons of buses decked out with fancy paintings!  Chrome and jacked up front tires!  

A few pics on Facebook ! Love you all! 
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4 thoughts on “One week in Guatemala ciudad! 

  1. So happy you are acclimating and getting settled in so quickly! It sounds as if you are very needed there. Your apartment looks fabulous, and fancier than where I live! Sending love and hugs, Janet


  2. Wow that is a gorgeous apartment. Beautiful flowers and trees and the temple. The MTC is a special place for sure. Be careful the missionaries grow on you and you will feel like taking all of them home with you


  3. Hermana George, So glad to have access to your account of your mission. Thank you for including me. Beautiful photos. Please keep them coming. SO PLEASED to witness your dedication. Your circumstances there appear lovely, the scenery uplifting, and the people you’ve imaged look kind. Your roomie, in particular, has kind eyes. You remain ever in my prayers and I know you will be a great blessing to all with whom you interact. Con mucho carino, Lura


  4. You are truly blessed and a blessing at the same time. Thank you for sharing the pictures and your story. It is just beautiful and amazing. God’s blessings to you and all that you love. Peace be with you always. hugs zzzz I will be keeping you in my prayers.


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