Such a humbling experience to share the temple with missionaries and Latinos.  Small rooms but exquisitely decorated. It is very close and intimate as you go through and end in the Celestial room with a giant sparkling breathtaking overhead chandelier and rich cream and gold draperies . I insisted on not wearing earphones and was amazed how much Spanish I did understand. 

Sunday as we met at the MTC for church and the elders and sisters are so humbled and prepared at the drop of a hat to give a small talk in Spanish. Most if them have written it down. I was tearful when a sea of fresh hopeful faces white shirts and ties plus sisters, Sang  together “I am a child of God”. Many come from poor circumstances to serve and have so much faith!  Many have never been away from home and we Americans seem pretty strange to than at times.  

  Sister Diana Dennis And I are great roommates and don’t have a tv and it’s dark at 6:30 pm , so each evening we study the Book of Mormon and then Spanish at the dining room table and end with prayer for our families and that we will. be inspired in our mission. She is the mission MTC nurse, gives vacciaciones, medicina, and whatever the young missionaries need.  Amazing variety of Spanish and American food. Followed by “Helado “ice. Cream bars etc. I am amazed how. Cosmopolitan –Guato city is.  Then contrasting crappy sidewalks and streets.  And poorer sections of the city which I have not seen yet.   

Barbed wire at top of fence.
Out dining room window.
My computer and office

I work out of my home office but eat lunch or dinner at the MTC. Daily.  I make calls as I am referred a sister or elders name and follow up (redirect to a Latino counselor if needed) And schedule the others for myself.  

MTC presidente and sis Morris
Our security guard walking us home gas station across street from temple
Guatemala temple

2 thoughts on “The Guatemala temple. 

  1. I love hearing all those little details about what it’s like mom. Glad you are safe and settling in. We are proud of you!


  2. That’s wonderful news! You have been serving as a missionary as well! Tu trabajar de missionary tambien,mi Amiga Buena. Mucho gusto y Buena Suerte con sus mensaje por el baptsmo! Embrazos Hermana George


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